Slip and Trip Claims

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Trips, slips and falls are common in supermarkets with workers and customers equally vulnerable. Studies show that the majority of supermarket injuries occur in the entrances and the first few aisles. Accidents commonly occur due to slippery and wet flooring, food spillages and loose products on the floor. If you’ve sustained any injuries as a result of a slip or fall in a supermarket, you may be able to rightfully claim compensation.

Slips, Trips & Falls in the Supermarket

Supermarkets are often busy environments which can naturally lead to a lot of trips, slips and falls. Case studies from the health & safety executive (HSE) identify poorly managed supermarket floors as a serious cause of injury to customers and workers:

‘A female shopper, left compelled to use a wheelchair after slipping on a mushroom in a supermarket, was awarded £550,000 in compensation.’

‘Supermarket worker awarded £200,000 following a heavy fall on an un-cleaned floor.’

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